About us

UNaccountable engages with and supports public and private actors for a more effective, accountable and impactful multilateral engagement and consensus-based international cooperation in the economic, social, environmental, climate, cultural and humanitarian fields. In response to States and UN agencies’ growing and unmet needs, UNaccountable provides solutions, based on credible and impartial analysis, for improving organizational effectiveness.

Unlike many existing approaches, UNaccountable is balanced, independent, and does not focus on specific incidents, but rather the structural realities these reflect, and the clear opportunities for structural improvement, not just in one entity, but across the system. Discrepancies are most readily apparent in programme implementation, beneficiary treatment and staff dynamics, but are insufficiently used to identify structural opportunities for improvement, not just in a given organization, but across the system. UNaccountable fills this gap and thereby provides a structural fix and increases the legitimacy of international cooperation efforts facilitated by the UN system.

UNaccountable acts as a constructive partner to strengthen internal processes, addressing issues around accountability and efficiency, both real or perceived, and increasing transparency and accessibility around complex global governance issues. To provide initiatives for effectiveness, UNaccountable provides customized products for states interested in allocating funds to more efficient and accountable organizations, based on transparent standard methodologies and reliable evidence. Engaging stakeholders in this way creates strong incentives for agencies and facilitates the necessary conditions for a multilateral ecosystem that works with greater clarity on and responsibility for funding, allocation of resources, effectiveness, efficiency and internal rule of law.

Governance and setup

UNaccountable is a nimble and responsive initiative, formally established in Switzerland in October 2022. It is guided by current and former senior and executive level United Nations staff, diplomats, civil society and private sector representatives. Its ID on the Geneva Commerce Registry is CHE-338.139.978.

Since 31 March 2023, UNaccountable is hosted and incubated at the Geneva Centre for Security Policy (GCSP), through their Creative Spark Programme.